Rhythmic Gymnastics - A Safe Sport in 2021

2020 was a year of challenges and struggles for many around the world, the anticipation of being able to get back to sport and a small sense of normalcy has been high.  However, with restrictions and safety protocols stricter than ever, families have struggled to find a sport that allows a physical outlet whilst maintaining the highest of safety precautions.  This has in many ways ruled out a large amount of team sports as well as sports that require shared equipment or apparatus.  

In the last month of 2020, Alberta experienced a shift back to stricter restrictions which unfortunately meant as a province we had to take a step away from organized sport in the way we as a society are used to.  We are so lucky at Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta to have a community full of incredible, determined, and adaptable coaches, volunteers and administrators.  In the face of gyms being closed and isolation recommendations our clubs have taken their training online, they have taken the joy of Rhythmic Gymnastics from the gym and added it to our living rooms, bedrooms, spare rooms and anywhere else you can turn your computer, iPad, or cellphone on!  Our clubs have made it possible to be together, even when we’re apart.  Moving into 2021 we are committed to ensuring we support our community in every way we can. 

We are so blessed to have people in our community who are able to keep our athletes connected and active in a time where it is so easy for people to spiral into a space where days blur into this movie, or that series on this or that screen.  The importance of our community right now is not to be the very best athletes, but to be the very best humans we can be.  There isn’t a single person who hasn’t struggled at some point in the last nine months, so remember be kind, always, to everyone – it could make all the difference. 

If you are looking for a safe place to try some new skills, move your body and see some friendly faces head to our website to find a club that works for you. Find A Club (rgalberta.com)

Written by Ellie Monument

October 19, 2023