Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus - Hoop

Rhythmic Gymnastics Apparatus

Within the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics there are 5 different apparatus that are used by athletes to create beautiful and powerful routines set to the backdrop of epic and moving music. 

The five apparatus’ are Hoop, Ribbon, Ball, Clubs and Rope.  We will explore each of these apparatus in coming blogs and discover how each can be manipulated differently and how they can affect the composition of a routine.


Almost everyone has at one time in their life played with a hoop, whether you had competitions with your friends to see who could hula hoop around your waist the longest, or you tried to roll it in a straight line farther than your friends.

Calgary Gymnaestrada Team & NorGlen Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at Provincial Gymnaestrada 2019

In Rhythmic Gymnastics, you will see rotations around all body parts, not just waists, as well as rolls over bodies and in circles, not just straight lines.

When competing with hoop each athlete must ensure the following parameters are met in regards to their apparatus: the hoop must be made of either plastic or wood (nowadays everybody's hoops are made of plastic - less splinters!), the interior diameter must be 80-90cm and be a minimum of 300 grams in weight.  According to FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) of the five different apparatus within Rhythmic Gymnastics hoop routines are often some of the most expressive and original routines due to the apparatus offers the greatest possible variety of movements and elements.  When creating a routine the choreography must allow for the hoop to be used on all levels and planes as it is rolled, rotated, thrown, caught, swung and circled throughout the routine.

                                                                                   FIG - Discipline (gymnastics.sport)

Every apparatus has a group of four Fundamental Technical Movements and a group of Non-Fundamental Movements. At least one of these movements must be performed during Body Difficulties to make that BD valid – the same fundamental technical movement can not be performed identically during different Body Difficulties throughout the routine. These movements for hoop are:


Rhythmic Gymnastics Code of Points 2017-2020 (International Gymnastics Federation)

                                                            Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (gymnastics.sport)

A minimum of one of each of the Fundamental Apparatus Technical Groups are required in each routine, if performing any of the movements multiple times they must vary in plane, level or area of the body to be counted.

Check out this group hoop routine presented by the Western and National Stream Athletes from Edmonton Rhythmics at their Gala in February 2020!

Here is a sneak peak at Sophia Mao, from Chinook Rhythmique’s, hoop routine! 

October 19, 2023