Sep 18 - COVID-19 Update

Please see below for the most recent updates from Alberta Health Services:


  • Previous guidelines state: to limit yourself to ONE sport cohort.  
  • Revised Guidelines state: Individuals should limit the number of cohorts/mini-leagues they are involved in.

Travel Restrictions

  • Previous guidelines state: that cohorts had to be formed within your AHS region.  
  • Revised Guidelines state: Where 2 metre physical distancing between individuals is maintained or the mini-league model is employed, travel for sport, physical and recreational activities is allowed.
  • Tournaments, races and competitive events are permitted for sport, physical activity and recreational activities where participants are able to maintain 2 metre physical distancing at all times, or they are able to follow the mini-league model.
  • If 2 metres distance or the mini-league model are not feasible, the tournament/event is not permitted.
  • Tournaments/events that compel a new cohort team to be formed for a short period (e.g., a weekend) are not permitted at this time.

Planning for Rapid Response

  • The process and procedure for dealing with a sick participant and/ or a participant who tests positive for COVID-19 has been updated. Please see the attached document under 'Planning for Rapid Response to Sick Attendees' for updated information and make adjustments to your current strategy documents
  • Please make sure you are aware of the the guidance on how to deal with symptoms of COVID or a known case in your cohort/activity

Screening Questions

  • Please note the wording of “New or Worsening” as it relates to screening yourself for symptoms

RGA will be taking the updated Tournament and Travel guidelines into account in planning for this years events and will share the details with clubs as soon as possible.

Until our tournament plans have been assessed by AHS, RGA will not be sanctioning club events that invite outside participants but we are more than happy to discuss your ideas.

******Please note that once events are sanctioned, all clubs will be required to consult RGA prior to running their event to ensure it meets AHS and RGA guidelines.******

Please contact Jennifer at directly if there are any questions

October 19, 2023